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Telstra is Australia’s largest mobile network, employing over 32,000 people and providing telecommunications and information services both in Australia and internationally. Telstra offers fixed and mobile network infrastructure, Internet and 3G network services, broadband access, international connectivity and management services.

The challenge

Telstra announced a critical business transformation roadmap and strategy in 2018 called T22 Strategy. The idea was to simplify the organisation, remove complexities and become a nimble and effective company to effectively tackle the disruption created by NBN Co to the Telstra business.

As part of this strategy, several key pillars were announced and one of those pillars would oversee the simplification of its product offerings by reducing them from 1800 to 20+ products.

The difference

Telstra Enterprise had already witnessed the efficiencies and effectiveness that Avec Global had delivered as part of the NBN Program.

The solution.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, the company utilised the expertise of Avec resources to setup a program for Product Exits.

The result

Whilst the broader program is still in its infancy, Avec Global has already delivered some significant wins:

1. A data model and transformation framework via ServiceNow for one of Telstra Enterprises largest product set – CORE Mobility

2. A planning, governance and project management framework that would setup the baseline for managing the transformation of this large and complex product portfolio

Sound familiar?

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