– Upgrade of 4G Network Infrastructure for large Australian telecommunications company within Sydney Region



Our client, one of Australia’s largest Mobile and Data service providers are constantly reviewing their services and the performance of their infrastructure across Australia. As a result of this process, they undertook a major upgrade program to replace older 3G and 4G network hardware with newer and upgradable hardware, preparing them for the next 5G revolution.

The challenge

To achieve the update, the various towers would be taken offline during the upgrade process and could potentially cause blackspots within their network coverage. With this knowledge, the client had to work extremely closely with the field teams performing the upgrades, including making sure all required equipment was available and ensuring all field teams had access to the core network teams to re-establish the network connections on completion.

The difference

Our access to fully trained teams of telco engineers and network riggers who support all networks was key to being chosen to assist in the delivery of this upgrade in the Sydney region. All of the engineers we work with have the relevant certifications to work both within restricted areas and are trained on Australian risk assessment and health and safety standards.

The solution.

We provided four squads of multi-skilled consultants and a project manager to upgrade the 4G network infrastructure within Sydney Metro region. We managed a weekly schedule of locations to upgrade and worked closely with our client to mitigate the down time of the towers to a reasonable, manageable time. Processes were implemented to align the new solution with the removal of the existing equipment in the working towers whilst transferring the infrastructure.

The result

With the aid of our mobile teams the client successfully completed 640 tower upgrades over a 7-month window. During the program of work, we constantly modified the process to improve timings and reduce down-time between switch over. The hardware logistics process changed from a 1 day platform to a 3 day platform, which removed additional driving by the teams, allowing more time on-site to complete sites within schedule.

Sound familiar?

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